Strategies to attract Best Job Candidates

So you have a position to fill and need someone fast. You have talked to your hiring manager and have advertised the position on major job boards. You expect to see stellar resumes; excellent candidates line up to work for you. But alas, most resumes you receive are mediocre at best. But, you still filter out a few promising resumes only to be disappointed during the phone screening process. Very few make it to the second or third round. After an exhaustive search you are ready to make an offer to anyone who looks half-way decent, only to be disappointed some more.

You ask yourself, why is it that you are not finding the right candidate? You blame the market, the job boards and everyone else, but fail to consider your company’s flawed hiring process. If you were in the job market and had choices, would you apply here? You might be surprised at your own answer.

So how do you attract the best talent in the market? Below are few successful strategies that you along with your HR Manager can employ to attract the right candidates.

Job Description and Requirements
Write a job description that is made up of three parts:

Clear and Concise Job Description:

Make the job description and expectations clear and concise. Clearly detail the requirements and skills you are seeking in the candidate. Don’t copy and paste a set of skills that you think a candidate should have, but tailor them to your needs, nothing less, nothing more.

Clear Expectations:

As part of the job description, define the role and the expectations that you have from the candidate. A good candidate is more likely to apply if he/she understands the role and what they will have to do to fulfill that role.

Why should they apply here?

Briefly describe what you have to offer to the potential candidates. Information about the organization, work culture, perks and benefits should be mentioned here. To attract the best talent, you must sell your story.

Simple Application Process

Keep the application process as simple as possible. Don’t make the candidates go through a multi-step convoluted application process when a simple resume would do. Ask them to apply by simply submitting their resume and an optional cover letter. Some organizations have a very detailed application process where they ask the candidates to fill out their job history, their education, reference etc. online and then upload a resume which already has this information. If your goal is to weed out the resumes that don’t meet the basic requirements, do so at the back end once the candidate has applied for the role.

Clearly defined Interview Process

Once you have reviewed the resume and would like to proceed to the next step, send the candidate an email which clearly defines your interview process. If your interview process involves phone screening, onsite interview, followed by online tests, then say so. Keep the conversation honest and expectations clear. Don’t make your candidates play a guessing game.

Provide timely feedback

After each interview, provide the candidates a timely feedback. If you will not move forward with the candidate, let them know. Remember, a candidate who is not a right fit may be a great fit in the future. Additionally, a candidate who feels poorly treated is likely to tell others, potentially discouraging others to apply if your organization.

– Sandy Nolen, Guest Writer


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