How to build an effective team?

Team building is the latest buzzword. No matter the size of the organization, everyone is jumping on the team building bandwagon. But what is really team building? Different people seem to have different answers. In a nutshell, team building is really about creating high performing teams who can move the proverbial mountain and deliver amazing results for an organization.

So how do you build such an amazing team and how do you ensure the team continue on this trajectory of high performance and high productivity? In my previous article, I laid out characteristics of high performing teams. Today, we will talk about some of the activities that leaders can implement to build high performing teams and instill the teamwork and can do attitude.

There are several consulting companies both big and small who have made a career out of various team building activities and have a slew of activities that you can employ. Some of them are in office while others are outdoors.

When choosing an activity for your team find the one that will work for your team and also the one that will encourage participation from each and every member of your team. For example, if your team members like outdoor, then find an outdoor activity. If your team members prefer indoor, then find an indoor activity. Also, it is best to hold such activities outside of the office to encourage cooperation and relationship building outside of the work. Teams that are effective and high performing generally become friends outside of work and not just at work.

Another thing to consider if the difficulty level. This will again depend on your team. You want the activity to be challenging and not excruciating and tiring. You want them to be fun and enjoyable but yet challenging. For example, scavenger hunt where the team has to find clues to get to the big prize is often a very popular exercise because it encourages the team members to strategize and outline their plan of attack. Another popular activity is laser tagging, because it encourages the team members to watch out for each other and watch each other’s back.

You can assemble a great set of individuals and they all may be excellent employees in their own right but until they become a cohesive team rowing the boat in the same direction, high productivity is nearly impossible to achieve. Sometime the cohesion happens naturally but more often than not it takes certain level of work and encouragement from the leadership.

In addition to other successful leadership techniques, add regular team building activity to your armor to ensure your team continues to achieve the impossible.

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